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Distro Update

Distro All We've Got Records

Apologies for the delay on updates – the day jobs have been keeping us a bit busy but we’ve finally got a bunch of new things  added to our online store! We’ve also got a bunch more stuff that we will be adding next week!

For all our pals in Halifax, you are more than welcome to give us a shout if you’d like to get something in person, say hello, or take a look at what we’ve got now – before it makes it to the online store!


New additions/restocks to the distro include:

Andrew Jackson Jihad / Ghost Mice – Split CD

Antsy Pants – Self Titled CD

Dead Friends – Self Titled CD

Ghost Mice – All We Got Is Each Other Cassette

Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass – Cash, Money, Etc CD

One Reason – All Rivers Run South, All Roads Lead Home CD

ONSIND – Dissatisfactions CD

Punkin Pie – Broke Truck Good Luck Song CD

Ramshackle Glory – Live The Dream Cassette

Rape Revenge – Paper Cage 7″

Your Heart Breaks – New Ocean Waves CD


New additions/restocks coming next week include:

Against Me! – Various additions and restocks

Best Friends Forever – Romance Conflict Adventure CD

Captain Chaos – Bloomington Vol. 1 CD

Ghost Mice / Ramshackle Glory – Split CD

Haymaker / Fucked Up – Split 7″

Laura Jane Grace (released under the former name Tom Gabel) – Anna Is A Stool Pigeon 7″

Matty Pop Chart – Everyone Does Everything CD

Mischief Brew – Rhapsody For Knives 7″

Yaphet Kotto – The Killer Was In The Government Blankets CD


Finally, we’re always looking to work with and help out folk and punk artists with a DIY/DIT ethic – especially those based in Canada or the North Eastern parts of the USA. Do you have an album, upcoming tour or something else you think we may be interested in hearing about? Please do tell us! We’d probably really like to distro some copies of your release, tell people about you, write each other nice letters, etc! So get in touch!