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My Pizza My World – WTFIGO – Out Now!

My Pizza My World - What The F*ck Is Going On?

The full length from pizza punks My Pizza My World drops today! You can stream the full album above, and snag a CD or pre-order the vinyl record right here or here!


Available on a very limited run of vinyl and cds, this is Texas’s My Pizza My World (members of Days N’ Daze, Breaking Glass) first full length, What The Fuck Is Going On?


“What The Fuck Is Going On? is the first full length album from self-professed Pizza-Core band My Pizza My World. Their sound is an embodiment of folk punk that doesn’t take itself too seriously – while still maintaining the heart-on-sleeve mentality that the genre is known for. Between ragtime and bluegrass, punk and folk, My Pizza My World lay out twelve lo-fi tracks that are catchy, fun and keep you coming back for another slice.”

Track Listing:

00. Canaries (Digital/CD only – Bonus Track)
01. Toy Car
02. Built A Fire
03. The Folly
04. Rewind
05. Shotgun Smiles
06. Splits
07. Siren
08. Old Glass Table
09. Recluses
10. Hands That Hold
11. Canarys

My Pizza My World Is:

Whitney Flynn (Vocals, Ukeulele, Guitar, & Trumpet)
Grayson Connelly (Vocals, Banjo & Guitar)
Jeff Butler (Vocals, Violin, Mandolin & Guitar)
Andrew Hoskins (Vocals, Guitar & Mandolin)
Geoff Bell (Gutbucket)
Trevor Mclain (Vocals, Washboard & Guitar)
Logan Hanson (Vocals, Saw & Banjo)
Alister (Spoons)
and many more along the way…