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Vinyl Delay – My Pizza My World – Canada Boy Vinyl

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The vinyl pressing of My Pizza My World – WTFIGO has been delayed by about 3 months.

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My Pizza My World - What The Fuck Is Going On? - Record

Hey everyone, I have some pretty frustrating news to share. The pressing of My Pizza My World‘s record What The Fuck Is Going On will be delayed by at least 4 to 6 weeks, according to the pressing plant. While the album was originally intended to start shipping in January, we are now anticipating that date to move back until sometime in March. As the situation is still fluid, I will keep everyone up to date as we find out more information.

For those that have already placed pre-orders – we are extremely sorry for the delay, and are very appreciative of your understanding. If you would like to cancel your pre-order and wait until it comes out to purchase it, we understand that too, and would ask that you send us a message with your order details.

For those of you interested in what has happened, read on.

We recently reached out the plant that was pressing the record, Canada Boy Vinyl, as we hadn’t heard from our account representative in a few weeks – and wanted to confirm our shipping date. We received a somewhat suspicious auto-reply back stating in part that due to unforeseen circumstances all emails and inquiries should be directed to the Commanding Officer (presumably the owner). The contact information provided did not work – however, we did finally manage to get ahold of the ‘CO’ (thanks Reddit!).

The ‘Commanding Officer’, Dean, informed us that:

“CBV [Canada Boy Vinyl] is in the middle of a complete restructure and will not likely get back into operations until the end of January . This is a really shitty situation and currently all orders are at least 4-6 weeks behind schedule . I feel absolutely terrible and helpless as myself and all the employees were laid off on December 9th and I am waiting for my marching orders from the owners of the company myself .

All I can do at this point is send my deepest apologies for any inconvenience this will cause you and hopefully CBV will get back up and running quickly . I won’t know anymore until the new year as everything seems to be shut down still for the holidays , so there is very little movement .

I will let everyone know as soon as I hear something .”

We are quite disappointed that we were not informed of any of this, and that at best we are looking at a timely delay. We are also nervous about what will happen if they do not ‘get back up and running’ as ourselves, and presumably many others, have large amounts of money tied up in their accounts. We are disappointed that so far, our requests for the return of our deposit on the order has been brushed off. This puts us in a tight financial situation – as we will require our deposit funds back if we decide to press this at a different plant, or refund all of the pre-orders.

So, for the moment we are hoping for the best, and will keep everyone informed of any developments. Thank you for your continued support and understanding of this very frustrating situation.

Update One – 01/04/2017

As currently being reported in the news, it appears that Canada Boy Vinyl will be going out of business. We are currently still working to get our deposit back from CBV, so we can get the LP pressed at a different plant. As of this moment, our requests to CBV for the return of our deposit is not being entertained.

This is a very frustrating situation. We currently cannot move on securing a new manufacturer until we can recover our deposit. We operate on a ridiculously tight budget, and put out music out of the love of folk, punk and our friends. We don’t make money doing this. We thank you all again for your continued understanding and support.

We have also received a number of messages from others who have money tied up with CBV – please continue to reach out and we will continue to keep each other updated as this unfolds.

Update Two – 01/11/2017

Canada Boy Vinyl has taken our deposit and dropped all communication with us. While incredibly unfortunate – there isn’t a whole lot we can do at this point, besides try our best to pressure them to return our deposit, and the deposits of the many other independent artists and labels that they have done this to.

We are currently working with a different plant to get this record out – and will not let the unfortunate actions of one business stop this release. So hang tight – this record is coming and it’s going to be awesome!

Also, keep your eyes open for a sweet sale or something soon – as we try to raise some money to recover what CBV has taken from us.

Thanks for all the support and understanding during this delay!

Update Three – 03/15/2017

The record will finally be shipping out on or around March 28th! Thanks for bearing with us during this difficult delay!

If you are interested in more information about what happened to Canada Boy Vinyl, this article we were also interview for, contains the most information that the company has disclosed to date.