Cud Eastbound

Cud Eastbound

Cud Eastbound is an indie folk artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Originally from Montreal, QC, Cud has been residing on the East coast for the past six years.

Growing up influenced by the straight edge punk movement of the late 80’s and early 90’s, Cud first developed his interest in music while acting as a guitar player and vocalist for various punk and hardcore influenced bands in Montreal during the early 2000’s.

By 2007, coupled with a move to the East coast, Cud Eastbound had started writing, recording and playing his own solo music. Banjo and guitar driven, Cud started to create his unique sound; one that crosses lines between classic folk styling, indie rock energy and the passion and intensity often reserved to punk genres.

Honing his now recognizable style, filled with poetic introspection and vivid lyricism, Cud spent the better part of six years touring extensively across Canada, the United States and Australia; all the while generating himself an ever growing following, based not only on his abilities as a lyricist or musician, but due to his honest and often times vulnerable approach to his music and his audience.

Cud Eastbound’s music is best described as imparting a sense of optimism despite adversity. The rawness of his lyricism and vocal style, overtop his well crafted guitar and banjo driven melodies will bring you to your greatest feelings of loss, before reminding you that you still have the opportunity to grow, learn and change.

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