Holy Shadow

Holy Shadow

Holy Shadow is a folk musician from Yarmouth, Maine. On his debut EP Timekeeper Blues, Holy Shadow is joined by Carver Arena, Corrine Brown, Brian David, Sean DeClue and Nadia Khhokhhar to create an album with an honesty and hope that is both inspiring and moving and that sets a tone of optimism amongst songs of defeat and loss.

From Holy Shadow:

Holy Shadow is a project that’s usually comprised of one individual but has been known to have as many as three. Usually it’s just one though.

All lyrics are written by Greg, although sometimes he is emotionally crippled by the world he lives in and has his friends help him out. Greg used to write songs and release them under his own name, but he got scared, and wanted a name that wasn’t already taken. Later, he discovered there is at least one other “Holy Shadow” (an Indonesian deathcore band). He thinks that’s okay though.

Holy Shadow songs are generally acoustic, and are generally written from certain perspectives in the hopes of reflecting upon and evoking individual feelings about the events being written about. Holy Shadow is and always will be from Maine, USA

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