Hailing from the frozen tundra’s of upstate New York, Kulturkampf are a politically charged hardcore punk band.

Originally formed in 2006, Kulturkampf spent their first few years building their sound, heavily influenced by crust, D-beat, thrash, and grind. During this time they also released two 7 inch records (“Too Cold To Smell The Dead” and “Existence E.P.”) and were featured on a number of compilation CDs. After taking a hiatus for a handful of years, Kulturkampf reunited with a sound that was tighter and louder than ever. Playing anarcho-punk in the vein of Aus-Rotten and Doom, Kulturkampf has shared the stage with artists including: River City Rebels, Star Fucking Hipsters, D.R.I., Casualties, and Toxic Holocaust.

If you like your punk political, fast and heavy, Kulturkampf is likely to be a new favorite of yours! Keep your eyes out this spring for a full length release on All We’ve Got Records.

You can check out their previous releases over here on interpunk: http://www.interpunk.com/item.cfm?Item=89689

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