Artist Writing Services - Press Releases and Bio Authoring


Artist Writing Services - Press Releases and Bio Authoring

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  • Why Should My Band Have A Bio?

    Not having a bio for your band is kind of like not having an amp for your electric guitar. It’s essential content that you can use on your website, social media, in press releases, on grant applications – and everywhere else where you need to communicate who you are and what makes you unique.

    An artist bio should be a clear and concise way to not only communicate to your fans and potential new followers who you are, what you sound like, and what influences you – but most importantly, it should tell people why they should take the time to listen to your awesome music!

    We don’t think a bio needs to be a novel on you or your band – as a matter of fact, most people won’t read past the first paragraph. We think your bio should be relevant, captivating, and a tool in your chest to get people listening to your music. Our artist writing services intend to provide you with just that!

  • What’s a One Sheet?

    A One Sheet is something that you send to radio stations with your CD or EP that you are promoting for radio play. The one sheet generally includes technical information about the album, as well as an album/artist bio and a promotional photo of the artist.

    One sheets need to written in a way that makes it easy for on-air DJs and station staff to pull information from it as needed. As they also act as the only promotional material you tend to send in to radio – it’s important that it is eye catching and professional.

  • What’s So Special About A Press Release?

    A press release (sometimes called a media release) is a short document that is written with the intent of being directed at media outlets, like newspapers, blogs, and radio stations. A press release is used to tell the media about something that is newsworthy, with the ultimate goal of having the media outlet provide coverage about whatever it is that you are telling them about.

    A press release is written in a standard format that media outlets are accustomed to, and includes basic information about what it is you are announcing, usually along with a quote, and contact details for someone who is willing to provide an interview if so desired. Things that bands tend to announce with press releases include tours, significant upcoming shows, new album or single releases and music video releases.

    Our artist writing services allows you to provide us with the details of what you would like to announce, and we take care of writing the release for you in a standard and professional format, aimed at gaining you the most response as possible.

  • What do you do?

    Whether you are ordering a bio or a full service press release, our first step is to listen to your music. Then we will talk to you to get an idea about your band and your history. If ordering a press release, we will get all the details about what it is you want to announce.

    After that, our team sits down and writes your content. This generally takes 24 to 48 hours after we finish talking with you and gathering the information we need.

    When completed, we will go over the bio or press release with you and make any changes you would like to see!

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  • GiveĀ Fans Your History
  • Tell The Press What You’re All About
  • Short or Long Forms Available
  • Consultation and Revisions Included
  • Required For… Pretty Much Everything!

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  • Professionally Written Album Bio
  • Sleek And Eye Catching Design
  • Inclusion Of All Information Radio Needs
  • Consultation and Revisions Included
  • Required For Soliciting Radio Airplay

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  • Industry Standard Press Release Authoring
  • Advertise Your Next Release, Video or Single
  • Required For Submitting To Local and International Press
  • Best for quick announcements, such as shows, appearances, etc.

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  • Custom and Industry Standard Press Release Authoring
  • Advertise Your Next Release, Video or Single
  • Required For Submitting To Local and International Press
  • Consultation and Revisions Included

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