Be Heard: College Radio Promotion


Be Heard: College Radio Promotion

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  • Why Should I Get Radio Play?

    Whether you’re releasing your first album, or you’re an established artist – getting radio airplay is an integral part of any new release, and is still one of the best ways to promote your music to new listeners. While having easy access to your music is very important, such as availability of your release on iTunes or Google Play, it won’t help you much if no one knows you exist!

    Despite new forms of music consumption (such as streaming with Spotify or Pandora) gaining in leaps and bounds over the past few years, terrestrial radio (that means those brick and mortar radio stations that pump out music on the AM and FM waves) is still a huge contender. As a matter of fact, it’s so huge that AM/FM radio is still the number one way people discover new music! (2014 Edison Research/Triton Digital Study)

    So basically, it boils down to getting you and your music heard by new listeners. And new listeners can translate into new fans. And that’s what it’s all about, right? Sharing your awesome music and making awesome new fans!

    A radio campaign that targets the college market will also help you on your way to getting commercial radio airplay, and ultimately provides you with a valuable track record that you can use to further promote your music. Newspapers, blogs, record labels, venues and your aunt Linna are all much more likely to write about you/book you/take you out for dinner when you can not only tell them how awesome you are, but you can show them – with your solid history of getting played on college radio!

  • So How Do You Get On The Radio?

    First off, we just want to say that some people will try to make you think that getting radio play is this big, scary, mysterious world and that you should just fork over a few thousand dollars to them, so they can work some magic.

    But they’re wrong. There is very little magic. Just a lot of overpriced promotion companies.

    The work required is more just time consuming than anything else. Of course, it helps to have the right contacts, know the proper procedures and have a knack for talking on the phone – but anyone with the motivation can get these things down.

    As a matter of fact, if you want to DIY your next college radio promotion campaign, there is a wealth of fantastic information on the web – so go get on it!

    The community and college radio promotion campaigns that we offer are best suited to bands or musicians that do not have the time, the resources, or the contacts to run their own campaign. They’re also best suited for bands that are serious about their music, and want to take things to the next level.

    If you’d rather spend your time focusing on making awesome music, and let an experienced team take care of the work side (and for the lowest prices possible), then we’re your new best friend!

  • What do you do?

    After we take a listen to your album, and talk with you about your band and your release, we start by putting together your album’s bio, designing your eye catching one sheet and any other promotional materials that are required.

    As most College radio stations still prefer (and most require) releases to be physically delivered, you’ll need to send us 30 copies of your album on CD. If you do not have a physical version of your album – no sweat, we can take care of having promotional CDs manufactured too!

    Next, working closely with you to coordinate when you’d like to see your album start playing on the radio, we send out physical copies of your CD, along with promotional materials to approximately 25 college and community radio stations in Canada from coast to coast to coast. We also deliver your album to the CBC for potential airplay on Canada’s national broadcaster.

    Once your album arrives at each destination, we follow up with every station on a weekly basis to gather information such as: how many plays it is receiving, what songs are receiving the most play, if it is charting (that means if it’s getting enough plays to appear on their charts).

    We provide you with a weekly report on how your album is doing, and we continue to provide these reports as long as your album is still in regular rotation at any of the stations we target.

  • Basic Pricing

    While you’ll be hard pressed to find another company that will advertise their prices – we’re not afraid to tell you how much it costs! That’s because we think we quite possibly have the lowest prices available, and we aren’t scared to show you what you get for your hard earned money. In addition to our already low prices, we offer volume discounts to labels and re-sellers wishing to use our services to integrate into your operation.

    And maybe you don’t have your album on CD just yet? Or maybe you were planning to only release it digitally? No problem, because we can take care of it for you too!

    Scroll down to take a look at our standard packages available – and don’t be afraid to get in touch with us if you need something a little different than what’s listed, we can help you out too!

  • Questions? Check Here First!

    — I Have A Single, Can You Just Promote That?

    College Radio Stations generally only accept EPs and full length albums for consideration. Because of this, we can only run your campaign if you have an EP or album.

    — What Stations Do You Target?


    — Can You Guarantee Air Play?

    Every radio station has a music director or supervisor, who is responsible for selecting music that will be available for play by the on air DJ or host. While some stations have mandates to play a certain percentage of new music, some stations play exclusively music chosen by each program’s host or DJ. Additionally, in Canada all radio stations are required to dedicate a minimum of 12% to 35% of all air time to Canadian content (read all about it here). These above factors, along with properly pitching your album to music directors, and ensuring all required materials are available to radio stations greatly influence whether an album will get air play or not.

    While we can not guarantee an album will get air play, as ultimately it is up to the music directors and not us, we have yet to have an album not receive any air play.

    — I Represent Multiple Artists, How Can You Help Me?

    We have the ability to integrate our services with your independent label, or artist promotions or management company. Working together, we can deliver your Canadian radio promotions as if they were coming from you. And we can do it at a discounted rate. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can work together!


    — I Have A Different Question

    No problem! Head on over to the order form here and get in touch! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!


  • Bio Authoring
  • One Sheet Design
  • Delivery to 25+ College and Community Stations Across Canada
  • Delivery to CBC radio
  • Active Promotion and Tracking For 3 Months

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BASIC CAMPAIGN  — $318.23:

  • Bio Authoring
  • One Sheet Design
  • Delivery to 25+ College and Community Stations Across Canada
  • Delivery to CBC radio
  • Active Promotion For 2 Weeks
  • No Tracking

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  • Layout and Design Assistance 
  • 30 CDs Made To Radio And Press Standards
  • Standard Jewel Case
  • Full Color Print on CD
  • Full Color Cover and Tray Card
  • Need CDs for yourself too? Add on additional CDs for just $3.50 CAD each!

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