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Cud Eastbound – Leaving

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Leaving is Cud Eastbound’s 4th full length release. Through vivid lyricism and poetic introspection, Cud Eastbound’s Leaving will take you on a journey through loss and rebirth. Delivering strong guitar and banjo driven melodies, and backed by a number of amazing East Coast artists, Leaving is nothing less than awesome!

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Leaving is Cud Eastbound’s fourth full length, released June 6 2014 on All We’ve Got Records.

Physical copy comes with an immediate digital download!

On Leaving, Cud hasn’t strayed far from his recognizable style of vulnerable and poetic lyricism, set to his ever catchy banjo and guitar melodies. From the upbeat and energetic, to the slow and mournful – Leaving is a journey with Cud over his past six years on the East Coast of Canada. Delving deeper through Cud’s wonderfully vivid lyricism, he explores our deepest fears and hopes around the concepts of loss, leaving and metaphorical rebirth.

Backed by fellow East Coast artists, including Grace Stratton (Willie Stratton and the Boarding Party), Elias Abi Daoud (Ostrea Lake), and Lis Mickamna (The State of Alaska), Cud has created a strong offering, one that forsakes overproduction for the sake of a simplicity and a sound that captures his rawness and approachable style.

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