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All We’ve Got Records: Folk. Punk. DIY.

All We’ve Got Records is an independent record label and distro based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Formed in the summer of 2013 with the goal of supporting and releasing the music made by our friends, we expanded in 2014 to include a distro of some of our favorite and hard(er) to find albums, and in mid 2015 launched a line of promotional services for independent artists.

We primarily release music for folk, punk and DIY artists from Eastern Canada and North Eastern USA. We aim to keep music accessible, while having artists paid fairly. This means we tend to lose money on releases. This also means we sleep well at night.

We do this to support emerging artists that deserve to be recognized. We aren’t really in this for money – although we also enjoy being able to eat and pay rent every once in awhile. We work for artists. Artists do not work for us. We recognize that the mainstream music industry exists solely for the purpose of making money off of artists. We’d rather eat pizza and share high fives with the artists that inspire us than quit our day jobs.

We encourage you to check out our artist pages, listen to their music, and if there is something you like, support them by buying their album!

If you like a release but can not afford it – please get in touch and we will help you out. This is for the love of underrepresented musicians and artists. Not so we can drive nifty automobiles (although our mini van is pretty cool…). We’d rather get some awesome music into your ears than get your rent money.

For serious.

For help with online orders, to request information about our bulk/distro rates, to submit a demo, to say hi, or anything else – please get in touch with us using the form below!

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