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Davey Dynamite – Holy Shit

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“Davey Dynamite is as political as he is emotional, and he brings it all to a volatile head on his first fully plugged in album “Holy Shit”. The songwriting is scalpel sharp, driven by politicized poetry performed with steadfast conviction. This is the folk-gone-electric lineage of O Pioneers! and Against Me!, born anew in the vein of Chicago punk. “Holy Shit” has sing-a-longs, shout-a-longs, and scream-a-longs, but its always more than just noise. It’s youthful and scrappy and bleeds with every cut.”

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Poppy folk punk goes full band on Davey Dynamite – Holy Shit. From Chicago, Davey crafts emotive and political punk with heavy influences of folk. Released December 2016 on Dying Scene Records/Don’t Panic Records & Distro – stream the full album here:

“Dynamite is clearly a very thoughtful and intelligent songwriter. His songs come across as hopeful yet world-weary, with a mix of youthful energy and lived-in maturity. They’re distinctly raw and personal, too, as if they have spent a lifetime being forged in his heart. The music itself is aided by bare-bones production that magnifies the potency of the songs, allowing them to burn brightly from their rough origins and feel well road-tested.” – Paul Carr, Pop Matters

“The sound on Holy Shit is the progeny of old folk punk gone electric bands like Against Me! as well as the throat-shredding punk rock of O Pioneers! If you listen closely, you can hear the folk punk skeletons, but they’ve been layered with electric muscle and tak-tak-tak drum beats that make these protest songs sound down right muscular. It’s the sheer energy of the musicianship that elevates the lyricism into something screamable, something that isn’t just a bought and sold commodity to listen to on a bus ride, but something you can believe in.” – Carson Winter, Dying Scene



  1. Holy Shit
  2. Rock and Roll
  3. Transitions
  4. 380 Times
  5. Hope Is Found
  6. Man Enough
  7. Flower
  8. Mowing At Grandma’s
  9. 4th of July
  10. Fuckheads
  11. Gods

Davey: Vocals, Guitars (percussion on “Mowing at Grandma’s”)
Matt Wolek (of Praise the Sinners): Bass
Jake Joyce (of Seasonal Men’s Wear/Brown Bear Records): Drums
Rigby Nix: Writing/Vocals on Fuckheads

Recorded and mixed by Paul Aluculesei
Mastered by Rollin Weary
both at IV Lab Studios

Album photography and cover art by Amy Shelton

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