News Update

We have a bunch of new stuff coming into the distro real soon that we’re pretty stoked about! Including a bunch of pretty ‘classic’ folk punk releases! And almost everything that is currently out of stock will be replenished soon!   We will hopefully have that all updated online by the end of next week […]

Distro Additions, Worldwide Shipping, and more!

Distro So we thought maybe it would be a good idea to start making more of our distro available online – so feel free to check out some of our recent additions by clicking on the Shop link above! We’ve got stuff from China Bones, Against Me!, Rosa, Propagandhi, Wingnut Dishwashers Unions, Toe Jam and […]

Updates and other news!

Ark Outreach Fundraiser First off, we want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came out last Friday to the Ark Outreach Fundraiser and Cud Eastbound tour kick off/EP release! It was a huge success – we packed the Seahorse and you raised $2416.10 for the Ark! An extra special thank you to […]

Updates/The Ark/Halifax/News/Whatever!

So here are some updates on things that are going on/coming up/we’re excited about/whatever!   Cud Eastbound – Leaving We’re really excited that in about 2 weeks, Cud’s new album ‘Leaving’ will be out! Filled with his classic style of optimism despite adversity, poetic and vivid lyricism, and those catchy banjo riffs – Leaving recently […]

All We've Got Records, Halifax NS Canada

All We've Got Records is an independent label based in Halifax, NS, Canada.

Primarily focusing on Folk and Punk, we are dedicated to supporting emerging artists from Eastern Canada and North Eastern USA.

We work for artists. Artists do not work for us!